How does your business registration influence your taxation?

How does your business registration influence your taxation?

Taxation options for start up businesses.

You have maybe left employment for a company and you are planning to start up on your own – or you want to add a new firm to an existing trade that you carry on – or perhaps you want to start out from the beginning of your career as an entrepreneur.

What sort of a structure do you want to have around you – a self-employment model (sole trader) or a business structure (probably a limited company)? The answer for you will involve thinking about the direction in which you expect to go – do you expect to take on staff or fellow-owners? Will you diversify? Or will you aim to remain as a solo operator? And in addition to these commercial questions, there are financial, taxation and legal issues to consider. Whichever way you decide to go, you will be in need of business accounting services.

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