SARS’s PAYE matter currently at the Office of the Tax Onbud


Many of us experience never ending problems with SARS. Pay as you earn (PAYE) is no exception.

The Tax Onbud is currently engaged in investigating the PAYE system at SARS. Members in public practice, like EFGAudit Inc, participated in this review. Currently the SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) published there findings on the same matter.

At this moment we don’t have any clear idea of the direction in which the investigation is going, but at least we know someone is listening. If you need any assistance with PAYE and payroll matters, feel free to contact EFGAudit for assistance.

Have a look at SAICA’s report:



Income Tax and Accounting in Paarl

Income Tax and Accounting in Paarl

About Income Tax and Accounting in Paarl

Accounting can be described as a way to communicate the financial health of a business or an organization to any and all interested parties. It is a way of assessing the assets, liabilities and cash flow, or the future of an entity for all current and future investors. It is the lifeblood of a business and all types of business have basic information that is recorded to get that job done.

All accounting or book keeping has a standard set of accounting principles. It stands for every type of business. In this way there is unity in all business accounting procedures to ensure that there is unity and a clear understanding no matter what business is being monitored.

Professional accounting services for individual and business taxation is essential to your financial success.

About EFG Audit

Finding good reliable accounting advice and services is essential to your financial planning and success. Whether you need assistance with your income tax submission or business accounting and auditing services, EFG Audit has the experience and knowledge to create a custom solution specific to your needs.

We deliver services to clients across the Western Cape. EFG Audit delivers a wide range of service to the small and medium sized business.

All clients receive a personalized service with high levels of assistance from more experienced personnel. Besides adhering to all local and international guidance, we always consider the client’s specific personal and business needs.

The owner, Ernst Gouws, is a chartered accountant, and also registered with the Independent Regulatory Board of auditors.

If you are looking for professional accounting, tax(income tax or business taxation) and auditing services in Paarl, Stellenbosch, Durbanville or the Boland region, you are welcome to get in contact with us. You will always get quick and reliable advise and service.

Find out more about Income Tax from SARS website or call us for personalized advice.

How does your business registration influence your taxation?

How does your business registration influence your taxation?

Taxation options for start up businesses.

You have maybe left employment for a company and you are planning to start up on your own – or you want to add a new firm to an existing trade that you carry on – or perhaps you want to start out from the beginning of your career as an entrepreneur.

What sort of a structure do you want to have around you – a self-employment model (sole trader) or a business structure (probably a limited company)? The answer for you will involve thinking about the direction in which you expect to go – do you expect to take on staff or fellow-owners? Will you diversify? Or will you aim to remain as a solo operator? And in addition to these commercial questions, there are financial, taxation and legal issues to consider. Whichever way you decide to go, you will be in need of business accounting services.

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